Food for the hungry Sierra leone organization

Food for the hungry Sierra leone organization

Food for the hungry Sierra leone organizationFood for the hungry Sierra leone organizationFood for the hungry Sierra leone organization

About Us

Our Work


Our Work

Emergency Relief

When you hear of an emergency in the

world, FHISL is probably already there.

This includes tsunamis, earthquakes,

floods, and civil conflict. FHISL brings

lifesaving food, medical care, supplies,

and especially, hope to save lives.

Community Development

FHISL members aim to create self-sustaining

communities. We do this

through initiatives such as agriculture,

child sponsorship, education, health,

micro-finance, leadership development,

and water according to the community's

desires and needs.

Advocacy and Training

FHISL speaks out and provides educational

materials about hunger and poverty.

FHISL also provides training and materials

to develop new people, new leaders, new

communities, and new nations. Contact

us if you are interested in these


About Us


FHISL is a non-profit charity organization.

In FHISL, the final fruit of our

work is a sustainable, healthy

community that can keep

growing itself. We call this

"Vision of Community" (VOC.) It

must be the community's dream,

not ours.


Focus on the root causes of

poverty, especially mindset,

not just lack of resources.

Starting with small projects

that build community

confidence, not big projects

that can cause dependence.

Starting with leader training

so that everything is owned by

the community.

Using a community-led process,

not outsider-led.

Followup to encourage





Randall Hoag has 34

years of experience in

international relief and

development. He served

in Bolivia and Thailand.

He is also the President

of Vision of Community

Our Mission


FHISL exists to end

physical and spiritual

hungers worldwide.

FHISL members do projects and

send people to over 80

countries in Africa, Asia and the


O u r P u r p o s e , V a l u e s

A n d P r i n c i p l e s

Our core values are:

Our First Love: Jesus Christ

and Kingdom of God

Our Calling: God called and we

responded until physical and

spiritual hungers ended


Out Guide: The Bible and Holy


Our Method: Vision of


Our Organization: Unity and


Our principles for organization


Freedom and Responsibility


Team Leadership

Direct Relationships

Supportive Stewardship

Local Member Development

Spirit of FHISL

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About Us